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"Who" is UI Design Engineering?

Lead by Adam L Marsh, UI Design Engineering is a small coop of Opencart Developers, UI/UX Creators, Design Technologists, Page Builders, DOM Scripters, SASS Magicians, AJAX/REST Contortionists, Responsive Engineers, Framework Tinkerers, Dog Lovers, and a UI/UX Obsessives. We create responsive websites and apps for individuals and companies of every ilk and location. We know how to make a design technologically feasible. We make designs that work.

What's a Design Engineer?

Design engineers are primarily UI/UX developers. Most are page designers and builders. They create style guides, UI graphics and images, SEO maps, clickable prototypes, CSS [or SASS] rules, and reusable js/jquery snippets (modules). They also create page-level objects and components and make web pages responsive for a legion of modern devices and work with UI frameworks like Bootstrap, Materialize, and Foundation. UI/UX developers are primarily concerned with the "look and feel" of an application and work within the DOM to style a page according to spec. UI/UX devs are concerned with the visual aspects of a page such as padding, font sizes, image responsiveness, and content flow and positioning.

* Only accepting REMOTE opportunities. (Onsite meetings in the Bay Area are okay.)
Working Since 2002
  • HTML5 Design/Development
  • Responsive Development
  • Wireframing, Usability
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Bootstrap, Foundation
  • Information Architecture
  • Middle-tier Integration
  • Javascript, JQuery
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ajax, REST
  • Bower/Grunt
  • Hudson, TeamCity
  • Opencart & Wordpress Development
  • Teamsite CMS

Sample URLs

Recent projects:


Get an Opencart or Wordpress Theme
[Useability First! Made for the end-user and not the designer.]

Can't find a theme you like?

Let me build one for you.

If you have designs or just an idea, we can come up with the perfect Wordpress or OpenCart site designed specific to your needs. The current hourly rate is $25. We can work together to:

  • Define a color scheme
  • Create a custom layout for any and all pages
  • Develop custom mods and extensions
  • Create or find the right graphics
  • Mix-n-match mods and page parts to deliver targeted content
  • Choose typography and jquery behaviors
  • Et Cetera...

Send me a message, and let's get the ball rolling.

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Wordpress PHP (with Boostrap-4)

All themes are SASS ready with a grunt file guarnateed to compile all your .scss files. Make sure you have node and scss installed in your theme directory.

The theme here is actually 1 theme broken up into 3 parts:

  • Part 2: A base starter kit
  • Part 3: PHP intensive
  • Part 4: The completed project

Need More?
I can help. Call me at 929-430-4426

This covers the basic "global" features of Wordpress. This structure is common to most Wordpress sites and serves as a basic template for a new WP project.

This goes over the Wordpress For Loop, templates, custom pages, and many php constructs utilized by Wordpress.

This extends Part 3 and focuses on styling.

Dowload from Github

Themes here feature the following:

  • Truly Modular & Responsive
  • Choose and Arrange Mods You Want
  • Up to 20 Custom Modules
  • SQL for Mods/Extension
  • Extra jQuery Modules
  • Scrolling/Fixed Header
  • Materialize Revolution Slider
  • Parallax effect
  • Easy to Follow Installation Doc
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Free Upgrades
  • Easy to Refactor for Your Specific Product Line

Need More?
I can help. Call me at 929-430-4426

[Q & A]

Have a job opportunity you want to discuss? Or maybe ideas about creating your own site? Maybe a redesign? Some new functionality? Or something new altogether?
I'd love to help you spruce up, or create from scratch, a web identity and presence that tells the world who you really are.

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